Head Office at China

                                      WUXI TRUMY TRANSMISSIONENGINEERING CO., LTD.

                                      Add:  No.8,HuayouSecond Rd., Xinwu District, Wuxi, China

                                      Tel:   +86-510-85251297   Fax: +86-510-85706330

                                      Email : sales@trumy.net  Website : www.www.ytdxsl.com


                                      Overseas Branch Offices

                                         Trumy now provides greater service to our customers all over the world through our  repair & service centers.  For any request, Pls contact our Authorizeddistributor and Service center as following:

                                                    ◆ Middle East Service Center - Bangalore, India

                                                    ◆ Europe Service Center - Amsterdam, Netherlands

                                                    ◆ Russia (RUW) Service Center - Petersburg, Russia

                                                    ◆ North America Service Center - Wisconsin, USA


                                      Capability for Coupling & Services

                                       ◆ Supply commonly used spare parts of TRUMY brand couplings.

                                         ◆ Inspection & Maintenance of couplings from other manufacturers.

                                                              ◆ Retrofit obsolete coupling or replace the damaged parts if need.